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Swollen Lymph nodes, constant low grade fever, neck pain, and low blood sugar for 8 days... please help...

Posted by gabrog Facebook

I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes on the right side of my neck, a constant low grade fever, and pain in the back of my neck for the past 8 days. Yesterday I began to experience low blood sugar episodes and hot flashes. Please help me figure out what is going on... I have already been tested for Strep which was negative, and I began to have these symptoms while on an antibiotic for an unrelated health issue...I have been experiencing numerous medical problems over the past five years, and this has just been escalating daily... I am afraid something serious like Lupus, RA, Diabetes, or worse is going on... My doctor keeps prolonging my agony by taking a let's wait and see approach. I have been waiting several years to find out what is going on, but He doesn't seem to see the relationship of all of my health problems...Please help.

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I dont know how long ago you posted this message tho I do have some answers for you.  many yrs ago I had the same symptoms and it took two plus yrs for a dr to diagnose me.  it was epstein bar virus and it takes a long time to go away and it can come back at any time.  They can run a blood test called a titer test.  and it has to be the right titer test. 
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