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Some new symptoms...

Posted May 26 2009 12:00am
I had my 3 day bloody nose, each night at about 2-3am I got a bloody nose 3 days in a row(about a month ago). Not lasting too long or too heavy(I used to get heavy nose bleeds with pretty big clotting at the end.) The nose bleeds stopped for almost a year and then returned a few days and now seem to be gone again????
Some days I have heart palpitations(they haven't bothered me lately). They seem to bother me for a few days and then they go away for days/weeks at a time.
Also I have a little pinching in my right calf, want to get that checked by the doctor(APS?)
I have stiff joints some days, especially my neck and shoulders. Some days I feel extremely fatigued.
I have a pinkish spot on my scalp, looks like the start of a Lupus sore. I have had them heal rather quickly lately I am hoping this one heals soon...I do wear hats most times when I am in the sun, especially when I am in the sun for more than a few minutes.
I haven't gotten back to the chiropractor in many months because of low funds...
Since the "RareFoods Diet" I haven't had any more red face episodes at all!!!
No more rashes, itchiness on my fore arms/waist also.
One other odd symptom that seems to have returned in the last month or so is feeling slightly off balance that I seem to lean to the right side. I feel like I am more comfortable at the ride side of the side walk(I almost feel as if it is a panic attack thing, but it may be physical/allergies)
Because rice came up a little high on my IgG test I stopped taking the "Inflamex"
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