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Side Effect

Posted Jul 17 2010 1:11pm

I am still on high dose prednisone. I am not sure what dose to have right now since I was not able to go for a check up last Thursday because of the typhoon. And I am also searching for a nearby clinic or hospital that has the random urinalysis for protein and creatinine. Also, I still have not undergone the kidney ultrasound. Every time I am checked my bladder is still is not full. It’s quite stressful on my part because I have this urge to pee already but the technician tells me it’s not full yet. The last time I have to drink five glasses of water that made me wanna throw up. Since the clinic is already crowded and have this strong urge to go to the bathroom, I decided to cancel the ultrasound. I was thinking maybe I am scared to see the result? haha. Until now, I still have not gotten the result from the xray, ecg and blood test. Hopefully next week.

Anyway, I am really praying really hard that my lupus have responded quite nicely on my high dose prednisone. Really, I don’t want kidney biopsy nor oral chemotherapy. In the past, prednisone have done the job. That’s why even if it has so many not so good side effect, it is still the first medicine being given to lupus patient. Speaking of side effect, I am thinking if I should consider having some facial hair removal because there are hair growing on my face. Thanks to steroid! lol. Yeah, that’s one of the side effect.

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