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Sick and disabled people are easy targets

Posted Dec 23 2008 2:40pm

The DWP letter has arrived and they have decided that I am not entitled to DLA!!!

I was so upset at the time but now I am angry that they can make decisions based on no information at all.   How do they know if you can manage the stairs, or your personal care? They cannot, but they make decisions that affect you in a big way.

I know that it is difficult to claim DLA when you   have an invisible disability,   but of course you tell yourself that the DM’s (decision makers) will realise that you are telling them the truth and are really in as much pain as you say you are. So when I got the refusal it felt like they were saying that I was lying about how I feel.

I had worked hard to make sure that I filled in the forum correctly, even getting advice and help so that I did not make any mistakes. Having been refused twice before I was sure I had got it right this time.

Last month I went for a medical which was a stressful and scary time.

I felt it went well, although there were a lot of things that I felt I had not been able to explain, but the doctor had seen how difficult walking is for me now. Also he had done a quick check of my range of movements in my back and legs. I had been in pain which he had seen. Also I was not able to do all the things he asked of me. I could not raise one leg and he actually asked me why I could not. I thought he was the medically trained one, but I answered that it was because I was not able to do it. I also told him that it hurt.

So when I got the letter today I was shocked that I had not been awarded what I thought I should get, in fact I was not awarded any DLA.

My first reaction was that I would make a phone call and sort it out. I was not going to lose out again because I know that I suffer from pain every day of my life even though I take morphine. Plus why would a GP prescribe morphine unless it was medically called for?

I got through to a pleasant sounding girl who was surprised that the letter had taken so long to get to me. She said it was sent on 27-11-08 but as I told her, there was a hand written date of 22-12-08. This worried me because it made me wonder if the letter had deliberately been sent out so late so that I would run out of time to appeal!

  I was told that a DM will go through all the evidence that they have and re assess me. This seems a waste of time to me because if the first DM did their job correctly then there should not be any different outcome.

I was also told that I should send in a diary of a typical day in my life. So that will be done and send in after Christmas. I apparently have a month to do this but I intend to get it done sooner.

The next thing I was told was to try and gather evidence to support my claim.

I have spoken to our pastor and he will do a letter to see if this will help. As it is Christmas Eve tomorrow I will wait until next week and see when I can see the gp. I am hoping that he will help me with a letter/report showing how badly I am affected by my health problems.

I have written to my MP to see if he can help me. He is a really good constituency MP and has helped us in the past. Also I am sure that it will help that his party is in opposition. After all he is not being asked to complain about his party’s policies. In fact he may be interested to be able to have something to bring up about how this government treat their disabled, sick and vulnerable members of society.

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