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She Left Me Mesmerized....

Posted Aug 08 2011 3:02am
She wore a purple formal gown that dragged across the floor as she walked. She had midnight black hair that reached to her waist, tossed casually over her shoulder.
?Her lips were red like roses with teeth like thorns. She was beautiful to look at but dangerous to touch. If her beauty had a scent, it would have been acid.

She showed up on my doorstep one evening and I’ve regretted that meeting every single day of my life.

It was by chance that she picked mine out of all the doorways in the world.

It wasn’t personal she told me as she forced her way into my world and fixed herself a drink.

She told me she had the power to transform my whole entire world with one deadly kiss.

She told me that she had the ability to change the lives of the people who were near and dear to my heart. The people that I loved would soon be tired of me. They would stop calling. They would treat me as if I were already dead.

She told me that I was just a game to her. She could make me feel as if I were on top of the world one day but would leave me crumpled and lifeless in a corner pleading for death tomorrow.

She said that no one would understand me. She could make me beautiful on the outside and deathly ill on the inside.

She told me that she would kill my dreams with a simple crush of her seven inch stilettos.

She said that even though I was a young woman she could triple my age just by batting an eyelash.

She told me she would take my independence and security by waving her perfectly manicured hands.

I asked her, “Why me?”

She savagely laughed and shook her head.

“Who are you? A mere mortal playing a part. A bit player. Subject to the whims and desires of a creator. This is your role...your burden to carry. There is no why. It just is.”

She finished her drink and made her way towards the door.

We shall meet again soon. Just when you think you are safe...just as you think you’ve gotten the best of me, I’ll be waiting for you.

I asked for her name.

She told me Lupus before she walked away.

She changed my life forever.  I check around the corners, I look over my shoulder, waiting for her to make good on her promise.

People say I’m crazy. Doctors call me a hypochondriac. But they haven’t had the misfortune of being graced with her presence.

Such a funny sounding name for a devastating beauty.

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