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Seems like no one understands

Posted Dec 19 2010 1:40pm
I have been dealing with major pain for years and not being able to sleep, feeling very tired and just not myself. I have been told by family and friends that I just needed to get it together and stop acting as if something is wrong, loose some weight and I won't be so tired, go to bed at a different time and I will be able to sleep. Here is the best one ever.. stop by lazy and get up and just push yourself.  It wasn't until I took a bad fall at the house that others started to realize that something just might be wrong with me. However, when I went to the doctor and after doctor after doctor and finally was told that is was Fibromalgia, things just got worst with what others thought. I have never been a lazy person, I have worked from the time I was and now because of major back pain and my legs along with major headaches I am unable to work. Which gives others more to say. I often wonder what one would think if they had to go through who we go through on a daily base. I am unable at times to do the things I would love to do with my children, because my body won't allow it. I think people don't understand what we go through because they don't understand the illness, and to them they see it as an excuse to no to what you need to do. I don't wish this illness on anyone, and one day I pray that others will find a more understanding when it come to Fibro.
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