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Seek Legal Help When Faced With Work-Related Injuries

Posted Mar 28 2012 3:39am

Image: Simone via Flickr

I was injured on the job, and now I’m faced with a pile of medical bills I can’t afford — do I have to pay for all this? Shouldn’t my workplace cover all these medical expenses?

Your situation is more common than you think: the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimates that over four million employees in the United States suffer from work-related ailments and injuries in 2007 alone. Though safety measures continue to improve, our modern workplaces are still filled with hazards. No matter if your cause of injury was due to explosive materials or a simple puddle of water on the floor, if your injury happened because of circumstances at your workplace, your incident was an occupational injury.

Common causes of occupational injuries include:

• Heavy lifting
• Hazardous work conditions (faulty electrics, flammable gases, toxic substances, radiation, poisonous gases, etc.)
• Equipment misuse or equipment failure
• Hair, clothing, or accessories become caught in machinery
• Poor or incomplete safety training
• Improper safety equipment

Start With Your Worker’s Compensation Programs

If you’ve been injured on the job, the first step is to report the injury and file a workers’ compensation claim . Most personal injuries are handled directly through the workers’ comp program at the employee’s place of employment. Unfortunately, however, many claims are wrongfully denied; others offer insufficient coverage for an employee’s medical bills. Worse still, some workplaces don’t offer a workers’ compensation program at all.

So where do you turn if your claim has been denied or there isn’t a compensation program at your job? You turn to a personal injuries attorney to get legal counsel.

Why Seek Legal Help for a Work-Related Injury?

An attorney will help you decide if you have enough of a case to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations for potential clients, so call to set up an appointment and bring any evidence you have against your workplace.

A personal injury lawsuit can help you:

• receive compensation for your injuries, even if your place of employment doesn’t offer a compensation program;
• recover medical expenses that were unpaid in your workers’ compensation claim; and
• fight back against a wrongfully denied workers’ compensation claim.

If you’ve been injured at a workplace, it’s always better to act sooner rather than later. Evidence and witness reports are much easier to gather soon after your injury. Contact an attorney to learn more about workers’ compensation laws in your state and your region.

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