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Posted Sep 12 2009 10:21pm

Today I was planning a lie in until my husband told me he had to go to a tutorial for his course. That meant he needed to get a train about 9:30 and it is about half an hour walk to the station for him. We were woken up by the milkman’s truck at 7 anyway so all thoughts of a lie in went.

As it was my husband walked to the station because he wanted to walk. I had got up in time and so I had a lovely quiet time whilst the kids were asleep.

Todays post had a letter for me about my next course of acupuncture. I was glad that it has finally been organised but a bit sad that the three sessions are almost a month apart. I get the first session on my second sons birthday and the last one is on my birthday. I will have to see if my parents would like to meet up for lunch as the hospital is about half way to their house. It depends on what they are doing though. Otherwise I will be able to do Christmas shopping.

I drove to pick him up about 1ish. He helped me to get a bit of shopping and also to sort out ordering some audio books from our library. The shops where the station is have most things but not everything. So when our son was due to finish at his part-time job at the supermarket I drove to get him. The supermarket is only a mile away but our son gets tired as he has chronic fatigue so we always make sure someone picks him up.

I got the rest of the shopping I needed. We also were able to get some new dishes for the oven. Our last one broke yesterday. I assume that pale blue earthenware has gone out of fashion as they were on special. We bought two as they were such a good price.

When I got home, with our daughters help, I manged to prepare potato wedges, roasted veg and home made burgers. They are known in the family as mummy burgers from when my mum used to make them. It is a simple recipe of mince and stuffing mix with an egg and water to bind it. We also made some with quorn mince. So we had a choice of veggie or meat ones.

The meal was a success. I am really hurting, but it is a lovely feeling that everyone enjoyed it. The whole family told me how much they enjoyed the food. I had to have help as it hurts so much to cook things. But it is lovely to see them all enjoying their food.

Now I am going to spend the rest of Saturday with my feet up watching TV. One of my favourite programmes has started again tonight after a break over the summer.

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