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Positive Thinking: What's The Point? Can it Really Change our Circumstances?

Posted Sep 24 2011 5:33pm
Years ago, when people told me "Think Positive!" in an effort to get through a crisis, I thought that was the worst advice EVER!  After years of being annoyed at that advice, I finally got the point.

I realized one simple but profound truth:  Thinking motivates feelings which motivates actions.

For example, you start thinking about your favorite food.  The more you imagine the ingredients, taste, texture, the more you want to eat it.  If you think about it long enough, you will actually be motivated to shop for any ingredients you don't have, go home and take whatever amount of time it takes to make it. 

What does this have to do with positive thinking??

Thinking leads to action.  Positive thinking yields positive actions. Negative thinking yields lack of action.

For example, you get a flat tire on your way to work, you have no idea how to change a tire and your boss is already tired of being late.  Now this can go a few different ways.  Consider two.

1.  You get frustrated and kick the car. You think to yourself  "Things like this always happen to me. my boss is tired of me. I know I'll be put on probation so I won't bother calling him. I'll just deal with it when I get there."  You procrastinate in calling someone for help because you feel like nobody wants to deal with this early in the morning.  You finally decide to call someone to come help you. You get to work 2 hours late.

2. You get frustrated and kick the car.  Then you think to yourself "Which one of my friends or neighbors do I know will come help me?" You look in your mobile phone at your list of contacts.  Then you realize you need to call your boss first.  You call him, explain the situation and agree to work overtime today.  You call your friend and explain the whole situation. They show up right away and you're only 15 minutes late to work.

The only difference in these two scenarios was the type of thinking.  Negative thinking led to not acting quickly, not realizing you had options and maybe not even caring how the situation turned out. Positive thinking led to knowing, although the situation wasn't the best, something could be done to fix it and it led to acting quickly.

This is just a small example.  But positive thinking has helped me in health crises, financial reversals and just plain bad days.  Try it and you won't regret it.  You'll soon be one of those people giving the advice to "Think Positive"!

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