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Physical Theraphy : Use of Electricity

Posted Dec 04 2010 3:08am

I often complain that my days are always tiring because of the work outs I am undergoing. In a week, I undergo two therapy sessions. This sessions includes the therapist using an instrument to electrocute me. It isn’t painful, just the right amount of electricity is used and then you can feel a tingling sensation in your legs. That would be for fifteen minutes. I think in PT, they call that process electrical simulation. After that, we would proceed to exercising my operated knee which includes bending, lifting and contracting the muscles. I also lift dumbells and leg weights. All this stuff are in the bag of my PT. I was asking him if the bag is heavy. Seems like he is carrying ATV Parts on it. Then after all the workout, comes the walking.

Have you seen someone using a walker? It’s like a cane but has four legs. I used that. And I needed my arms to be strong because I need to pull myself up to make a hopping walk. It’s really hard but I am happy because I can walk. I still can’t used my other leg, that’s why I am hopping. hay. What a life. that is the reason why I want to get off my immobilizer.

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