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onset pain joint and fatigue

Posted by chula

besides havining caronary heart disease diabetes hypertension and dvt i all of sudden starting having pain then it apin and jointpain at this time im unable to walk long distance preform my job so im unemployed  due to these symptoms i went to my pcp and she ran tons of blood work the only abnormal ones were lupus but not at a high level and anemia @ 10.8 she is sending me to  a rhumatologist in march in the means time all i could do is wait and see she also wants me to go to physical therapy for what i dont know. im starting to feel depressed and angry at people i should be angry at.i had an aunt who passed of lupusthats a long time ago. my mother passed of pneumonia and coronary heart failure she also had liver scirosis which she wasnt a drinker,varicii of the esofogus she pass amrch 2010. could someone please help withsome advise. thanks
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