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Nutritional Kinesiology and Vibrational Energies

Posted Oct 26 2009 12:00am
This is a topic that has surfaced for me lately...Here are my thoughts on this topic.
I believe God made foods that we can all eat in moderation. On the other hand we, as a nation/world have "messed with" the environment/foods too much. There are so much toxic chemicals and pesticides in our world. I feel that these toxins, plus candida and other parasites, plus daily stress, and nutritional deficiencies from poor choices of foods and malabsorption from digestive issues create allergies to foods in our bodies.

This is what I am dealing with right now.... TONS of allergies to foods! Keep in mind that every time you ingest an allergic food your immune system has to kick in to rid your body of that allergen. Your immune system recognizes it, not as a healthy food, but, as a foreign invader and with white blood cells and inflammation takes care that the allergen is removed from your body. So if you have a hidden or unknown allergy and you continually eat that food you will have MASSIVE inflammation that never COOLS OFF! Hello Lupus!

I have heard many people mention the "vibrational energy" of foods. Especially when talking or reading about raw foods. When a food is uncooked in it's raw and natural state it has more ENERGY. Many times people call this more vibrational energy.

When I started my journey to health I tried Nutritional Kinesiology. This form of allergy testing not only can test for allergy/inolerance but also if your body can tolerate the food's vibrational energy.

With Nutritional Kinesiology the practicioner tests to see if your own bodies' energy gets weaker or stronger from the ingestion of a foods' energy. Each food is tested separately. For more on this see my post at

Do check into you Nutritional Kinesiology practioner's success rate. Get recommendations from trusted patients/friends. A great Nutrtional Kinesiology Practicioner is worth their weight in gold!

I think many people who are Raw Foodists do not consider allergies/intolerances. You CAN be allergic/intolerant to HEALTHY foods! Take it from me I have "issues" with asparagus, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, cranberries, pomegranates, bananas, pecans, nutritional yeast(seemingly "healthy" foods) and not only through kinesiology testing but also many show up on my IgG blood tests too!

Obviously there are other ways you can tell the food energy just doesn't match yours the more you get in tune with your body. You may feel too sluggish or too hyper or too stressed. Read Theron Randolph's book "An Alternative Approach to Allergies" for some outrageous ideas into "hard to believe" food allergy symptoms from runny nose to schizophrenia! You will hear many raw foodists say that they are going to eliminate something from their diet because it just doesn't "feel right" to have it any more. I believe it is the energy in the food doesn't match with the person's energy anymore. Our cells are always dying and replenishing with new cells, our body is always in a changing state. So the foods you tolerate change too.

Have you ever listened to certain music and felt "recharged" or watched a sad movie and felt "depressed" or eaten a food and felt like "going to sleep" , or is there a person at work that you always feel upset or uneasy after speaking to? Everything and every person has an energy or a vibe and if their vibe isn't synergistic with your vibe you will not feel great and be at your optimum energy level.

Pay attention to your body and how it feels today as you eat and do the things you need to today! Please God give everyone reading this time to find moments of peace today so they can really listen to their bodies and change what they need to to feel better! Amen !

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