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No time for cooking/preparing foods???

Posted Jul 10 2009 12:00am
Someone said to me recently that "Toni must have more time than brains" to cook this much/this often for my health. Boy that hurt my feelings...but what else did she say that hurt me to my CORE??? "Toni must not have Lupus terrible enough because she has the energy to cook so much." This was on a Lupus list!!! I was not supposed to see her comment, or maybe she "planted it" so I would see it, I don't know which. (PS I HAVE the ENERGY to cook because I EAT so well! When I am tired my husband and kids step up and help me!)
Well I say back to her and others, first, she should know better! Shame on her! ANYONE that has Lupus of thinks they have Lupus, has Lupus ENOUGH!!!!
My blood tests show that I have it and I pray to God that one day He will deliver me from it!
I hope He gives me the wisdom to overcome it or at least live in harmony with it AND I want to share ALL the info I get on being healthy with as many fellow Lupus sufferers/and sufferers of any other disease that I can.
Well I do cook/prepare at home A LOT!
My 3 dogs/2 cats eat a raw food diet(raw meat that is). My family has several allergies that require special foods with me having the MOST allergies needing the most specialty foods.
On a happy note you can make a healthy diet as easy or as hard as you want it to be. You could have bananas/strawberries for breakfast no cutting or slicing, just eat. You could just grab a piece of fruit nectarine, peach, apple, and some nuts for a snack.
Much of a raw diet(my raw diet is vegs, fruits nuts, seeds) is actually faster than REAL cooking.
Macrobiotics is much more cooking/labor intensive.
You can also cook on one day and freeze/refrigerate for the week/or a few days.
I look at this as a labor of love for my family and myself and we are worth the investment of the time it takes to cook/prepare salads and healthy foods rather than cruising through the drive through of a fast food restaurant! We take a cooler of vegs fruits/nuts seeds(sometimes I combine them into delicious treats/foods) when we go out or when we go camping or on a picnic.
For macrobiotics you can cook a great big pot of grains (store in the fridge) and steam some veggies and you've got a lovely meal. We are also at the grocery store/farm stand more with this way of eating to have the tons of delicious fruits/veggies that we need for our healthy diet. See for recipe ideas. PS my headache joint pain from the other day is gone(my shoulder still hurts and I will ask the accupuncturist about that tomorrow whe I see her.)
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