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Posted Jun 19 2009 3:48pm

Yesterday my rheumatologist was surprised when I asked him if I can switch from COUMADIN to HEPARIN. I know it was a surprised question, one which he isn’t expecting. And because of that he told me that it is not possible and he got a little bit upset. I should have told him about my plans of getting pregnant before the husband went home so that we could have planned ahead. Oh no, I am not yet pregnant. But I wanted to switch because I am afraid of the effect of warfarin on my unborn, just in case we will blessed again with another baby.

Dr. I told me that it’s right that I should stopped drinking coumadin but he cannot give HEPARIN because according to MIMS it cannot be given as maintenance meds. And it’s also expensive. I think it’s Php 500 (around $10+) and it will be taken daily. The husband is already saying yes to HEPARIN regardless of the cost. He really wanted another baby. Unfortunately, according to Dr. I, now is not the right time to conceived because it seems my LUPUS is active. Proof of which is the slight fever I had this week, the joint pains and the rashes on my face. Now, I am not drinking coumadin nor heparin and kept on praying really hard that I won’t have any blood clots while I am off warfarin.

Oh well. The husband and I believed that if God will it, it will happen. So, we’ll just bow our heads and say ‘Thy will be done’.

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