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Need an MP3 Player

Posted Mar 02 2010 1:32am

Right now I am using my cellphone as an ebook reader, music player and sometimes storage. haha. When I bought it I made it a point to buy an 8gb memory so that I can put in a lot of EBOOKS and MP3s. But because I store a lot of files in it, my cellphone has this tendency to hang when processing an operation. That’s why I am now contemplating of buying an mp3. I currently have around 500+ songs in my phone and this has been eating a lot of space in my external memory. Not to mention the fact that this might be the cause of the slow down in the operation of other system in my cellular phone.

So with all Mp3 Players in the market to day, I am having a hard time which to choose. I wanted one which is just lightweight, it would be nice if I won’t feel its weight if I am doing some exercise. Then it has to be pretty in the eyes of course, and lastly affordable. hehe. I am now in the process of comparing prices through the website. Said website have a wide variety of MP3s that are available in the market right now. It has the specs of the players plus how much and where to buy it. Convenience at your finger tips. Now, I am itching to buy a player. I hope the husband approves.

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