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My Walker, Her Home

Posted Jan 28 2011 9:08am

Instead of using crutches, I was instructed to used a walker.  A walker has four feet and according to my doctor, its better to used it than crutches because the later causes shoulder injuries. It took me a while before I was able to used the walker. In fact, if my rheumatologist did not forced me to I won’t have the will power to touch it. Using a walker, I hop to walk. And it’s really is hard. One because at the time I was instructed to used it, I have painful shoulder blades. And using a walker entails you to have strong upper bodies. I was just happy when I got used to it.

But my little one have a different idea about the walker. One time she puts a towel in it and called it her house. Also one time, she gets all her beads from her bead storage and decorated it. haha. Scenes like this gets me through my boring day.

In her house….

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