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My New Symptoms

Posted Jan 06 2010 12:00am
To start off I have been eating more of a warm macrobiotic diet as it is a bitter cold winter here in NY.
It normally is about 40 degrees on Long Island this time of year and it has been in the 20's and low 30's lately! To that I say "YUKKO!"

A confession I have been eating Kettle brand BBQ potato chips...BAD Toni! and rotating in the lesser allergens on the ALCAT test.(The doctor told me to do this but it is making me so itchy, I will stop rotating things in! I still need to exercise more too!
I have encountered more new symptoms of late:

1) Numb finger tips and toes and my skin, where it is numb loses the red blood color and turns white, it doesn't hurt it is just  numb.

2) Constipation or marble poop(sorry for the details) - I find this is better when I eat soups with beans and lots of kale or spinach, which I am doing on a larger scale

3) Occasionally, a little fuzzier head from allergic foods roated in? or more candida caused by B12 shots?

4) Rash on my waist and forearms and legs, very itchy at times...from allergic foods rotated in? I had this problem before and an elimnination/rare foods diet totally got the "itchies" to go away. I am going to try that again.

5) Not sleeping very well, I go to sleep fine at 9 or 10:00pm but then wake up at 12-3:00am and many times cannot fall back to sleep. The last 2 days PMS actually slept better, the gynecologist told me to keep a record of my sleep throughout my cycle.

6) Occasional heart palpitaitons, (they bother me the MOST!)still wonder if allergy related, stress related thyroid related, hormone related,Lupus related or Antiphospholipid related. Too many variables!!!! GRRRR!
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