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My New 'Go-To' Exercise

Posted Nov 28 2012 9:14pm
Okay so recently I have been sick. guess I'm always sick because I have lupus and myasthenia gravis and PTSD and I get depressed sometimes but..... I guess what I'm trying to say is I have been experiencing the symptoms of illness every day consistently for a few weeks. Because of that I have been reluctant to or I guess unable to go to the gym.
Reluctant because I'm not able to lol.

1st, lupus was acting up then myasthenia or was it myasthenia then lupus. Either way, one of them was acting up then the other and then I caught a cold and that's where my life is at the time of me typing this post.

I could go to the gym but by the time I use energy to put on something suitable to work out in public, got in my car and got to the gym and checked in, then I'd be too tired to workout! So I decided that I would still somehow keep up with my workout routine. Well.....I would keep up with making sure that I had a routine by working out most days but I would need to find something I could do at home. So I went to my new go-to exercise which is.......drumroll please...........

JOGGING IN PLACE!!!! (If I could put it in lights, I would!)

I thought kickboxing was an awesome workout but jogging in place is phenomenal. It burns a lot of calories and leaves me feeling refreshed. Even if I can only jog slowly in place, just lifting my entire body off the ground expends a lot of energy, i.e., burns a lot of calories. I usually don't do much jogging at the gym on the treadmill because I just like the elliptical cross trainer a little better But now I see how great jogging in place, especially with using my arms for power-moves-in-place is for my body.

I think when I get back to Bally's I will be making better use of the treadmill.

In the meantime, my sick self will be home jogging in place at intervals throughout the day whenever I feel the urge, especially during TV commercials.

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