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My new dream of an electric car...

Posted May 11 2009 12:00am
I love the idea of an electric car and one of my first goals, after moving out of my condo and getting a home with solar power, is to get an electric car. However, I have been mentally bobbing that idea around in my head for along time due to my love of speed....I love fast cars.

Well hallelujah my dreams have been answered! Have you heard of Telsa Motors ? They have several models to choose from, including the Roadster Sport that has more horsepower than a Corvette. Not bad for an electric vehicle, hu?

Here is what you should know about this new American car company and its vehicles:

The first time you drive the Tesla Roadster, prepare to be surprised. You're at freeway speed in seconds without even thinking about it. There is no clutch pedal to contend with and no race-car driving techniques to perform. Just the touch of your foot and you're off, without any of the sluggishness of an automatic.

How powerful is the acceleration? A quick story to illustrate. A favorite trick here at Tesla Motors is to invite a passenger along and ask him to turn on the radio. At the precise moment we ask, we accelerate. Our passenger simply can't sit forward enough to reach the dials. But who needs music when you're experiencing such a symphony of motion.

Rest assured that this responsiveness works at all speeds, as noticeable when you're inching your way through parking lots as when flying along freeways.

The Tesla Roadster delivers full availability of performance every moment you are in the car, even while at a stoplight. Its peak torque begins at 0 rpm and stays powerful at 14,000 rpm.

This is the precise opposite of what you experience with a gasoline engine, which has very little torque at a low rpm and only reaches peak torque in a narrow rpm range. This forces you to make frequent gear changes to maintain optimal torque. With the Tesla Roadster, you get great acceleration and the highest energy efficiency at the same time. All while requiring no special driving skills to enjoy it. This makes the Tesla Roadster six times as efficient as the best sports cars while producing one-tenth of the pollution.

This company is also unveiling this year the first mass produced, highway capable electric vehicle! A gorgeous sedan that will make your Mercedes jealous...perhaps this will be my every day car and the Roadster my "fun" car....decisions decisions....

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