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My Life Dealing With Lupus

Posted Apr 18 2011 4:28am 1 Comment

From the time that I found out that I had Lupus, it just seems that everything in my life changed. I can't really say for the best or good, but it just changed. I have never been in so much pain and I come to understand that it comes from having Lupus and from also having Fibromayalgia which I didn't know they can both run together. You learn something new everyday.


I have also come to understand that those you thought would understand how you feel and what you are dealing with, really don't have a clue unless they are dealing with the same thing. I get that "well you don't look sick" or "it can't be that bad". OMG.. they really don't have any idea what  a person goes through when dealing with a chronic illness. 

 My life has changed, however I just refuse to let this get the best of me. I take  one day at a time and live my life to the fullest.



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Oh how I feel your pain. It has been the same for me. Everything has changed relationships, my body and I could go on. People don't understand. I have even had people say, Oh that is just an excuse. In reality being diagnoised with Lupus has showed  me so much about myself and those that state they love me. Or should I say those that I thought would be there especially at such a challenging time in my life. I do my best to stay positive and grounded and looking towards the bigger picture, but that still remains a challenge.... Like you said Take one day at a time and live my life to the fullest. --Atiya

Thanks for posting!!

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