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My Journey On Benlysta-The Journey Begins Shortly

Posted Oct 25 2011 5:16pm
Benlysta : The Journey Begins Shortly

Hi everyone,

I have not written much about myself in quite sometime as I try to keep the page light-hearted and positive and shining away from my more personal matters and health issues, however this one seems a bit too relevant that even I could not ignore nor stop myself from sharing it with you. I have kept it relatively hush hush until now, but have just scheduled my first Benlysta Infusion for November 7th, 2011.
I would like to track my journey with Benlysta here with you all to monitor my progress, how each infusion goes, and hopefully the improvements I begin to notice after a few months of treatment have gone by. They say it can take anywhere between (generally speaking) 4 to 6 months to feel an improvement, however they monitor your symptoms and how you are feeling on an evaluation form prior to each infusion session to find more subtle changes and track long term progress, and I decided to do the same here, and share my journey with all of you. It seems this new drug shines hope into many of us, I am keeping my fingers crossed it works well for myself as well, as it is always important to recognize that while Benlysta is not a cure for Lupus, it is an AMAZING step in the right direction for Lupus treatment and eventually and hopefully a cure in the future, and one that I am excited, anxious and nervous to begin taking. I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you, and hope you will benefit and find hope within my own course of treatment (fingers crossed it works well and we get some much needed results/relief from Lupus and all of its Lovely complications! -can you sense my sarcasm? Good.)
For more information with regards to Benlysta Click here!
Best of wishes and warmest regards,
Yours Truly

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