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My dream car

Posted Oct 02 2008 6:47am

Last year the husband has been eyeing different SUVs that he will be buying in Kuwait. One of the compensation that is included in his job is his transportation allowance. He was given a loan so that he can buy his own vehicle for work since he is a field engineer so it makes sense to have his own car. Not to mention that his clients are somehow located in areas that public transportation is scare.
During the time he was scouting for his vehicle I was helping him. I was hoping at that time that he can buy those big cars. Actually that was his option because those are the kinds of cars that are being used in Kuwait. But unfortunately because of our financial situation at that time he opted to buy a smaller car which he is using right now.

We are hoping that once some of the loans he availed have been settled he can sell that car he is using right now and buy a much bigger one. From time to time I try to look for SUVs in the internet. And I was awed by the beauty of this one.

The 2008 dodge magnum. My mind is screaming…I want this! I want this! Haha. It’s roomy and big. Giving you a sense of security especially if you are on the road with the big cars like in Kuwait. But I guess we still have to wait until we are cleared financially before dreaming to have it. But I still can dream right, who knows my dream would materialized.

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