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My daughter's IgG Blood Test

Posted Nov 11 2009 12:00am
I was SHOCKED when I received my daughter's IgG blood test for food allergies, her allergies are worse then mine!!! She is doing fine in school, a very bright and healthy girl but still had all these allergies! My NAET practitioner said that with each generation the allergies get stronger. (Don't panic you can get rid of many of them or even all of them with the right medical/holistic treatment,and there is a good chance that you can break the next generations cycle of worse allergies)

My mind goes to.... what if I never had Lupus and never checked my allergies...what if I never checked her allergies...would she have continued eating these allergens and grown up with massive inflammation and gotten Lupus too...or some other disease.

The message that I want to send here is, before my daughter and I were tested for allergies, I would have thought we didn't have any!!! We didn't have runny noses and itchy eyes and hives. We had occassional headaches and sinus pressure and maybe an upset tummy(gurgling and extra gas) once a month to once every 2 months! That was all! We thought this was normal!

From kinesiology testing my daughter was already off gluten and dairy, now she has to go off eggs/sugar and GF oats and peanut butter those are just the ones that will be severely missed...there are many more also.

Allergy testing can be covered by insurance...but sometimes is not. The best thing to do is go to a doctor that you trust and get the testing done on yourselves and your family...I sound like a broken record but, whether it is Lupus or other diseases inflammation is BAD!!! If you continue eating foods you are allergic to your body responds to them as they are an invader and produces white blood cells(inflammation) to "kill the invaders" if you continue to eat these foods everyday you get massive inflammation...Hello Lupus and other autoimmune diseases!

After taking the foods that I was allergic to almost all my Lupus symptoms disappeared! I feel much better! I am still not perfect but I learn and try each day to get healthier and healthier and YOU CAN TOO!
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