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Medical Visuals

Posted Sep 29 2009 10:06pm

Right now I am feeling some aches all over my body. The stress of the the typhoon and having a room full people here in the house is taking its toll on me. I can’t still go for a check up because I would like everything to normalized again before I headed to the clinic. There are work to do inside the house. One of the first thing I am doing right now is to have our roof checked. I don’t know the cause of the leak but just to be on the safe side I already contacted someone to check on the leaks. I am just waiting for him.

While waiting I am wishing I can figure out what is happening inside my body. Though medicine help a lot but sometimes I wish I have visuals to see through it. Just like having a Ankle Fracture Illustrations from the websites. Illustrations like this would really be a great help to understand what is happening to your body and would give you an overview of what burdens you. Through the pictures one can know which part really is affected and can make sure that they protect the part from further damage. I guess that’s the reason why doctors would subject their patients first to different scans and xrays before they come up with a diagnosis, right?

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