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Posted Jun 25 2009 6:53am

Ernest Hemingway once wrote: "Life breaks us all... but many are made strong at the broken places."

Doubtless that he was drawing attention to the fact that some people are able to recover from the experience of being broken and go on to be stronger than they were before.

I've been placed on disability for 4 mths. Lupus has changed my life in many ways. I can say that I've been blessed - yes, blessed. I have been thinking and acting on how my life affect others. Work has been my priority since the age of 15. Building a comfortable lifestyle, providing for my family and being a productive part of society has taken my time to enjoy God's gifts and family. Regardless of the constant pain and change of appearance - I'm beginning to have liberating thoughts and realize that "things" can be better - I deserve better - I need to be around positive, loving, happy people. I, I, I... It's not all about me... I've always thought of others before myself - It's my time now.

Lupus' symptoms are not seen by others. Your symptoms may come and go without warning. Even those closest to you may doubt your illness is real, even though it is.   Lupus can be very lonely. But lupus can also bring with it certain opportunities to learn. You may discover strengths you never knew you possessed. You may see the world very differently and find that the things that had been important to you in the past have changed. You may see priorities very differently and appreciate the simpler pleasures in life and having the people most important to you nearby.

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