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Lupus Wikipedia Revision (Health Activist Writer's Challenge Month) Day 11

Posted May 02 2011 5:00pm

Wikipedia revision. Whether you’re a fan of  Wikipedia , going on endless search-after-searches through tabbed browsing (like I do) or skeptical of its ability to be edited and updated without sources cited – today we’re all Wikipedia writers. Pretend you’re rewriting or adding onto your condition’s page – what sentence or paragraph should be included (in your opinion) on your the page (or the “ Health ” page)?

Surprisingly the Wikipedia page for lupus is very thorough! If there is one thing I would like to add it would be a continuation on a common misconception about lupus patients as mentioned in my previous post. I would stress the fact that it is often difficult to determine a lupus patient by their appearance.

Lupus patients are often told they don't "look" sick which can be extremely frustrating for a patient who is experiencing unbearable pain, overwhelming fatigue, and a long list of other symptoms. Lupus is coined as an "invisible illness" because most patients don't LOOK sick! This is why it is important to read up and become educated on the extensive damage lupus can do in a person to realize though one may not look ill they most definitely are!

If you had a chance to revise the Wikipedia page for your illness what would you submit?

Loving you always,

Tiffany XoXo

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