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Lupus Love!

Posted Aug 26 2010 8:30pm

Lupus Love!

Good Morning and Thank goodness for my 20 ounce Vat of coffee!
It's a beautiful day here which is warmly welcomed after the 5 stormy and gloomy days that preceded it, and I am looking forward to a nice relaxing day. As you know we have been spreading the word and raising awareness all throughout this week as part of our CHRONICLYsILLy Campaign for Lupus Awareness Week! And as we press on right on into Thursday, I look forward to sharing with you some wonderful "Learn about Lupus" Facts this morning as well as sharing a great resource that I stumbled upon in my own research that I think you all will enjoy as much as i did.

So let's get right into on this Thursday morning and start off with our Learn About Lupus Facts! Remember each post this week during our Campaign is focusing around ways you can help spread awareness and get involved, our Learn about Lupus facts is just the start, and a great, easy way to spread the word and educate others as to what Lupus is and provide some fun facts as well. So if you'd like to take part in our campaign, copy and paste one or more of these facts and share them on your Facebook status, your Twitter status or perhaps in an email to family and friends that are interested in learning more!

Learn About Lupus Facts!

Fact #1: I'd like to introduce to a new page, that I highly encourage you all to check out and see what our newest Lupus warrior/friend is doing to raise awareness, you won't believe it! -->
RunFlyRun!  Check him out at his page and see all the incredible things this man is doing to raise awareness for a cause!

Fact #2: There have been no new treatments for Lupus to come out since the 1950s. If Benlysta gets FDA approval it will be the first drug in more than 50 years to enter the Lupus Community.

Fact #3: There is no specific test for diagnosing Lupus. This is what makes it and other autoimmune diseases and conditions so difficult to diagnose. They can also mimic other illnesses, such as viruses like mono and express themselves differently in each and every patient. It is more of a process of elimination and gathering of blood work samples and tests along with having at least 4 of the 11 approved criteria listed for Lupus by the National Rheumatology Board.

Those are our three learn about Lupus facts for today and now we will get right into business with our topic for the day, Lupus Love. Lupus Love is a "child friendly piece of literature that helps explain SLE Lupus to young children who may have a parent or an adult in their life that may be affected with SLE. THis book is a fun filled, rhythm rhyme pattern with colorful and inviting illustrations." - Tammy Anderson's Lupus love site. Tammy Anderson is the author of this book that was created with a children in mind with hopes that she could provide them wit ha child-friendly resource to help and aid their understanding of a disease that many adults cannot fully grasp. In her Biography on her  it states:

"Tammy had dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher ever since she was a child, but after her unexpected diagnosis of SLE that seemed almost impossible. At the time of her diagnosis she was only 12 years old, and during that time there was little to no awareness or knowledge of Lupus. SLE was new to the medical community, was hard to diagnosis and even harder to control. But with the support of her family, the proper medical care and attention, she was able to reach her goal, and now has been teaching for over 10 years... And because of her passion for teaching she was compelled to write this book, as her experience with Lupus make her just the right person for the job!"

A percentage of each book sale is also being donated to the ALR (The Alliance for Lupus Research) and you can purchase your copy of the book right off their Lupus love page linked above as well as make a donation from their secure site. Tammy's contribution to the Lupus Community is one of great importance, as far too often, children are overlooked when it comes to explaining or trying to deal with a diagnosis of a loved one, and Tammy has provided them with a phenomenal resource!

That about wraps up our Thursday post, and of course we will depart with our usual goodbyes, a friendly reminder of our  Page of Hope Fundraising efforts with the Lupus Foundation of America as well as the butterfly Gala which is only a few short weeks away! As well as our  CHRONICLYsILLy Designs©  Awareness bracelets, of which we have some new ones being featured at the shop, and some great new awareness pieces coming to you this weekend! And of course our daily Jolt-of-Java!

Jolt-of-Java:  " I ask not for a lighter burden, but for broader shoulders... Remember, A bend in the road is not and end in the road, unless you fail to make the turn.."-unknown
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