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Lupus Can Walk ye Plank for National Talk like a pirate day--ARGH!

Posted Sep 19 2010 7:33am
Good Morning and Happy National Talk like a Pirate Day!
I kid you not, one of our favorite holidays here at CHRONICLYsILLy, as my father found about it a few years back, sent me a text, and we have been fans of it ever since! How could you not love a holiday as pointless and random and just for fun such as Talk Like a pirate day? So in honor of our holiday today, We are talking like ye pirate all day long and the blog is no exception! We are going to share with ye mates a letter/poem written by Ole' Purple beard the infamously Irritable Pirate that reeked havoc back in his day and was one of the most feared scalawags... But he was really just misunderstood-you see Purple Beard Had Lupus and was only irritable because of his chronic pain! So in his honor we are sharing a poem written by Ole' Purple beard himself!

Lupus can walk Ye Plank!
by: Ole' Purple beard

My Lupus makes me cringe all dayIf I reek too much havoc, than I will payFor me joints get angry, and swollen and acheand me prednisone makes me crave chocolate cake! But there is no cake out here at seaSo I munch on me fish when prednisone cravings strike me! ARGH! I hate ye prednisone, but you get ye job doneAnd let me have my piratin' fun! But you make me puff and pack on ye pounds,and it makes it hard to get around,When I pirate and pillage all over the towns....So I tapered and tapered and tapered some more,but me joints and me aches and muscles got sore (again!) So I said to me rheumy, why must this be? That prednisone is the only thing that seems to help me! And he looked at me square and then his words were these...Lupus is quite a confusing disease! We don't know much about it, and it's hard to treatbecause each one of you Lupies has different battles to beatSome have bad joints and fatigue when you flare,while others lose patches and clumps of their hair!Still others have organs that act up and acheEach case is so different for goodness sake! I see me rheumy, I said in retortthat Lupus can can come in all sortsof shapes and sizes and aches and painsAnd until we know more, I will need me caneTo walk around and pirate the townsWhen me joints are flaring and Im feeling downSome day I hope ye find a cure, Because this pirate is getting quite poor! I cannot work and pillage all day Because my Lupus gets in the way! It keeps me in bed, to tired to workARGH! Lupus you are quite a JERK!
And that is write from the journals of Ole' Purple beard himself! He was quite the writer back in his day! I hope ye all enjoyed me Pirating Fun, and you talk like a pirate until the day is done! ARGH! Me joints are sore so I must be going, to get ice and me meds before me rash starts showing!
Jolt-of-Java: "You can turn painful situations around through laughter, if you can find humor in anything even poverty, you can survive it."-Bill Cosby
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