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Lupus arthritis, and how to shake my hand

Posted Jun 22 2012 2:33pm

When we meet don’t hurt me!

I am so glad to greet you,
and want to know your name!
But, when we meet, don’t hurt me.
My joints might be inflamed!

Please do extend your hand,
in a solid gentle way,
but just don’t squeeze too hard,
or I will ache throughout the day.

If you forget and squeeze too firmly,
remembered you will be!
And the next time that we meet,
I won’t shake so willingly.

I’ll remember my last wince
while gazing at your grin
And pull my hand away from you
to shelter it from pain.

Remember I might be sore!

So you can shake my hand,
but remember I might be sore
and I’ll let you shake it again,
and trust you so much more.

I won’t shrink back or shudder
at the thought of your hello,
and I’ll gladly shake your hand
each time we come and go.

Lupus Adventurer

Copyright June 2012

This poem is dedicated to  one of my newest friends in Arizona who is just learning about lupus in efforts to help the Lupus Foundation of America, in its new outreach to Arizona lupus patients, their families and others affected by this auto-immune disease.

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