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Looking For

Posted Jul 29 2008 9:31am

One time last week I was searching for the Iljimae episodes in YOUTUBE. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find it. So I stopped. I wanted to watch even the raw videos because I just want to see LJK in action. Truth is if not for him I won’t be watching this drama.

I only finished watching 13 english subbed episodes of it. This week it is now on its 19th episode with soaring ratings. Currently number in the whole of Korea. Next week will be its last episode. Many are speculating on its ending especially most Kdramas ended in tragedy. Oh men, I do hope Iljimae won’t die. hehe! And by the way he was named Iljimae because of the drawing of the flower he always left at the scene of the crime he committed.

IF you are wondering why you can’t find the raw vids in YOUTUBE, it was because SBS has put a copyright claim on it (the account of the member who posted the episodes is now suspended, while other videos were removed) . Meaning it can’t be post without there permission. So sad! But there are still streaming sights who have both raw and subbed episodes of it.

According to the write up I saw (I can’t remember where, sorry!)..if Lee Jun Ki won’t have any projects after this he would be enlisting himself for military services. Whooh! Do you think he needsmoving podsfor that - LOL!

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