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Looking for a CURE

Posted Feb 21 2009 9:47pm

A lot of people have been asking me on the effects of LUPUS on my body. Sometimes I have a hard time to explain my predicament to them since at the moment I don’t look like a person who is sick. Still I would always be willing to share with them my experience with the thought that maybe once they know how lucky they are to be healthy then they would start valuing and taking care of their body. But most of the time the people who are curious are those people who suffer the same disease as mine or who are also sick. They asked questions in their quest to look for ways to be cured or to free themselves of the pain. When the topic goes around the ways to be cured I always issue a disclaimer that what I have done might not be applicable to them since I have to admit that one time in my life I drank a herbal medicine and a few days later it has a good effect on me. So, I am one of those who believed that alternative medicine will be given a chance in the cure of disease especially for those diseases that does not have a cure.

I am glad that there are a lot out there who are already offering alternative medicine and have established wellness centres like the one I saw in the internet – This centre offers a variety of product like the dietary supplement POLY MVA which can help you with your energy, then INTRAMAX, a 100% organic supplement which you can drink to defend your body from sickness and diseases. But of their entire product what intrigued me most is the LITHIUM OROTATE, which can be used to treat headaches, depression and bipolar disorder. I know someone with schizophrenia, I am thinking if that would help her.

We are very lucky to have a lot of choices but when people asked me if they should try switching to taking supplements I always advise them that the most important thing before taking the plunge is to know your body. You are the one responsible for it. Not me, not your doctor. Learn to know what your body wants and listen to it. That’s the first path to wellness.

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