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Long after Saturday’s gone…

Posted Nov 20 2010 12:00am
Growing up you might remember hearing the Sandpiper’s cheerful song playing on transistor radios (1960′s antique Ipods.) “Come Saturday morning, I’m going away with my friend… we will remember long after Saturday’s gone.” Many a Saturday morning at my house has meant too much housework, overdoing it, and remembering in exhaustion with regret “long after Saturday” was gone!

Pacing through chores

Today, on this Saturday morning, it might be better to be running away from my friends for awhile! Setting some personal boundaries and not feeling compelled to meet everyone else’s schedule and demands. Finding my limits, and staying within them!

With lupus, or any other auto-immune disease, pacing through Saturday chores can be much more important than doing getting it all done. Monday morning, especially for a lupus patient who works a full-time job, comes way too early and too soon!

Pausing once, and again...

The Ipod we hear today might play through the verse of the song a little differently…

Just working at my own pace,
To get through the chores, and the Saturday floors.
Pausing once and again, and saving some strength,
Preventing bone-tired fatigue after Saturday’s gone!”

So, remember this little variation of that ditty to hum while cleaning house on a Saturday morning! And perhaps you’ll have strength left for your friends, long after Saturday’s gone…

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