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Living Lupie part 2...........

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:42pm
My computer crashed! Thankfully my good friend had an extra laptop laying around, so I am able to be back online again :)

In the last few weeks, the long term disability underwriter called me and told me " I think you are well enough to go back to work, Lupus is a controllable illness and I have a friend with Lupus and she works"

I was soooooo livid! I tried to keep my voice calm and told her I wasn't sure where she was getting her information, but to tell that to the people who die each year and their families from this disease that Lupus is controllable, I would rather be working than sick. I was disgusted.

I think its a shame when your sick you have to still fight people for things you need. I have no problem submitting to medical exams, ect.... but to come out and tell someone how they should feel and what can be , is totally inappropriate and needs to be left up to medical professionals, not underwriters.

In my ten years of nursing and 3 years working for the insurance companies, i believe things need to change.

I know some people have taken advantage of the system and they should be prosecuted by our system to the fullest. But, there truly are people out there that need help, and its hard enough to stay focused and have hope when you feel like crap and then have to fight with someone to help you provide for your needs is ridiculous..

I asked the state to help with Job re-training/school when i am able to go back into the work force, because there is a huge chance I won't be able to return to the medical field. I am still waiting on an answer, I've been waiting for 6 months.

There is a possibility for a federal grant, but I may have still made to much money to get help with them also....

Wouldn't they rather have me job re-trained or pay for school then for me to not be able to work and have to pay SSDI or unemployment if it came to that?

Makes me wonder what part i can do to help change things? any ideas are welcome

I feel a little lost, I have to re-think my career, which is scary. I kinda feel like I'm in limbo.

I have to thank God though, he has really provided and I'm trying not to worry and keep focused.

I just wish i had a goal that i was passionate about, something to work towards. trying to find the balance with seeking after a dream, getting by and whatever else falls in the middle.

Just needed to vent.

I want to say today i was thankful for the people who love me, my nieces, my warm home and bed, ability to walk and see and hear. All the good things that have happened to me. I don't ever want to forget how wonderful all that is and that things could always be worse.
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