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Listen to your body

Posted Aug 27 2009 9:45pm

I was given a bit of advice the first time I went to pain management clinic, it was listen to your body. Well the last week I have not done that. I had a lot to do, and even though my husband told me to, I did not delegate the jobs. He told me to slow down and delegate but I felt I should be doing certain things.

For example none of the men in our house can appreciate that not all brown shoes are the same. Our daughter needs brown school shoes. Hers must be the only school that demands brown shoes. All the school shoes in the shops are black. the brown ones either have heels that are too high or they are just not the right style. She wants ballet style slip ons in brown. But no where sells them.

When we went school uniform shopping on Monday we looked for brown shoes. We got her skirt and blouses from the school uniform shop. Her school has a distinct uniform and the only shop is about 40 miles from the town were we live. We live one mile from the school but have to go 40 miles to go the only shop that sells the uniform!!  WE went on the train as 40 miles is too far for me to drive comfortably. It was a lovely day out, my mother met us there and we had a girly shopping day.

There were no brown shoes that day.

On Tuesday I took our youngest son to sign up for his second year of his college course. That was just a 10 mile drive so I took him in the car. I was able to sit in the car and wait whilst he went and signed up. He is 18 now so, as an adult, he is old enough to sort out signing up for his course himself.

After he had finished at the college we went to the town and got some pens and stationary he needed. I got a bit for my daughter, but as she is rather particular and she was not with us I did not get much.

We also went into a shop to get my son some shoes. He is not at all fussy. He takes a UK13 and is so pleased to find shoes to fit that he will buy what there is rather than worry about what they look like. He was over the moon to get two pairs of shoes. That is so rare but they were in the sale and the two together cost the same as one pair usually do.

Yesterday (Wednesday) my husband had to go to the hospital about 10 miles in the opposite direction to our son’s college. He had to collect some equipment to do a sleep study. So we made our daughter come along as well so that we could shoe hunt. After the first couple of shops I suggested that hubby and eldest son sat and had a coffee whilst she and I looked at shoes. Hubby was convinced that we could go into one shop and get brown shoes for school. I tried to explain, but it seems that all the males in our house feel the same way.

I eventually managed to convince hubby that because almost every school says black shoes then getting brown ones is difficult. The ones we can afford are usually fashion shoes and the heels are too high. This means that even if our daughter were not fussy it would still be difficult.

Today our daughter needed to be taken to a friends house, about 20 miles away. We offered to do the driving as another friend who lives near us was also going. I drove the girls there and arranged that our eldest would collect the girls. The journey was a nightmare, we were stuck in a long traffic jam caused by road works.  A journey that should have only taken a couple of hours at most took three hours. We had to drop off the equipment back at the hospital as well, but we kept on getting stuck in traffic jams caused by roadworks.

This evening my eldest went off to get the girls and I was so relieved because my knee is so painful I cannot walk. Had he not gone we would have had a problem getting the girls home. I would maybe have had to ask the other family to fetch the girls. The mother is always doing lifts and I wanted to be able to do our share.

I am now sitting watching TV and trusting my husband to cook my food as I cannot weight bear on my left leg. My husband is not known for his cooking skills. The kids joke that he can burn salad.

I thought that I could maybe push myself this week and that if I tried hard I could achieve more. But it looks as if the nurse was right and I should have listened to my body.

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