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Life Extension...the book

Posted Aug 24 2009 12:00am
Written in the late 70's and published in 1981, this is a book that I have had with me ever since. Its called Life Extension: a practical scientific approach written by authors, Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw who are researchers. They experimented on themselves during a period when life extension was just starting to be known. What they cite in their book is not a prescription to follow, but information from their own research (both based on literature as well as self-experimentation).

The book was a runaway best seller and in 1984 came out in paperback as well (pictured on the left) and increased public awareness of free radicals, how they cause aging, and how antioxidants partially prevent the damage free radicals do. In the book, they describe six causes of aging and recommend ways to slow down five of those. Also presented are several chapters containing methods to improve health and the quality of life in general, from enhancing sex, to improving athletic performance, to improving mental abilities, to how to quit smoking and drinking (and alternatively how to make them less harmful), among many other useful tips.

Now this book may be old and considered "outdated" but really its the best resource book I own. Practical knowledge never changes and what I have found almost 30 years later is that I need to read this book again! The information is still good, but remember they are researchers not doctors and what they found out 30 years ago is now being pumped into mainstream USA and more research is being done with new ideas coming to light, but its still a hidden source of knowledge.

I use this as my go to book. My resource when no other resource will do book. So while it may be outdated it is still needed. Many people have written new books on Life Extension and there is even the infamous Life Extension Foundation only 30 minutes from my home that has taken the Life Extension principles and moved them into the 21st century. But the original never goes out of style...

Please note that if you ever get to read the book they are not suggesting you do what they do, they ARE suggesting you take what they have done and make it work for you (and consult your doctor before trying anything radical). I have meet many a person here in South Florida that follows their regime (modified for themselves of course) and look amazing! I recently had a new client who at first glance looked to be in his late 40's early 50's. Boy was I wrong....he was 78! So I asked him what his secret was and do you know what he said?

"Have you ever heard of Life Extension?" I chuckled and said, "The book or the place in Fort Lauderdale?" First his jaw dropped, amazed that I had actually heard of it, and then he got such a happy grin !!! He said "you actually know about BOTH? How old are you!"

I laughed.....I told him I was 47 and he grinned at me again and said "you can do better than that", meaning he thinks I could look younger than I do if I just made some changes ~ and yes, I am often taken for someone at least 10 years younger. That conversation is what propelled me to get out the book. So Ben, if you read this....thank you!!!

I actually have an autographed copy (from Sandy Shaw). Don't ask me how I managed it, but I did. The book was $22.50 when I bought it in 1981 and as a 19 year old it was a huge expense. Ok, so my boyfriend at the time bought it for me....but I still got it!! We had to drive 40 miles to a bookstore where they were having the book signing to get my copy....but who knew that one day the world would actually catch up.

If you'd like to learn more, they have inexpensive used copy's (its out of print) at

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