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Learning to live with a PIDD patient and a Stroke Survivor under the same roof

Posted Mar 07 2009 3:36pm

It’s going to be hard some days to tell the patient from the caregiver.   I had gotten so used to being the patient, and my husband had been the caregiver, that I had not realized how many things- chores, activities, etc he had taken over for me.

Now, 2 weeks after he came home from the hospital, and is still learning his new ‘dance’, I realize how much I have to step up to the plate- even while exhausted.

He needs so much rest, and yet- the daily grind of keeping up a home must go on.   That leaves me doing the grocery shopping (which he had taken over), the cleaning, the laundry, the meals and clean-up, etc.   I had really gotten spoiled over the past few years.   He would not let me do anything if I got fatigued, as he would worry that I would end up sick.

Now, I’m very fatigued, and yet, I’ve found a way to carry on.

Is it adrenal that is keeping me going?   Am I a lot stronger than I realized?   Have I learned to care for myself, and stay healthy so well, that now, when it’s my turn to bat- I can easily step up to the plate?

I hope that all PIDD patients reading this, will make sure to take very good care of yourselves- eat right, exercise, rest, sleep hard and always stay compliant with your meds, as some day- you will also be asked to step up to the plate in some fashion- and it’s best to be prepared.

It’s actually a very good thing that I stayed in Girl Scouts for so many years – I learned the art of always being prepared.

It was our motto then – and it should be our motto now as well.

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