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Knee Immobilizer

Posted Jan 28 2011 8:51am

After my knee operation, the doctor immediately put an immobilizer to my leg. This is to prevent me from bending my leg, which is a big no, no after the operation. The immobilizer is heavy and because I did not stand up for days after the operation it was hard for me to move it. Actually it has prevented me from raising up from the bed because of it’s weight. I feel like it’s heavier than tons of hot tub spa covers . Of course, you have to count the fact that I am also weak due to my lupus attack.

For months, my leg was cast in an immobilizer. I only open it when I have to change the bandage of my knee. And at first the changing of the bandage takes a lot of time because we are all inexperienced. My brother is a nervous wreck after changing it. haha. Really, you would see him breaking out in sweat when he touches the bandage. lol. And to just document my experience here is my leg with my very own knee immobilizer.

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