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Kidney Transplant Battle Scars!

Posted Apr 02 2012 1:27pm
Just some of the battle wounds from my kidney transplant that happened back on March 1st.  These pics were taken just a few days ago :)

This scar was from a line put into my wrist that was used to take my blood pressure during the surgery and the days that followed.  An anesthesiologist's assistant put it in. It freaked me out because of the location..and also because there was blood gushing out of it like a geyser as the assistant was putting it in. Yes, it hurt..but I've had worse :)

This is the scar from the line that was put into my neck which controlled my "patient controlled" pain meds. Blood techs also drew blood from the line while it was still there.

This is a small dot on my wrist from my second IV. I had been poked many times before this one was placed successfully with much precision and professionalism :) (thank you, Matthew!)

This is the top of my right hand. This is a scar from my first IV put in by one of my nurses. 
And, of course, my kidney transplant scar as well as the scaring from the staples around the scar. Man was it ever itchy. I wonder how my surgeon managed to cram my brother's kidney into my stomach because he is so much bigger than I am. My stomach sticks out a bit where the kidney is :)

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