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Keeping the bar high - even in the rental house

Posted Mar 27 2013 8:00am
Our renovation is sailing along...we're just days away from being 50% complete. On time, and on schedule. Yippee! We're officially in what I call the "giddy" stage. Every time I go back to the house to check out the progress, I get goose bumps. It's so exciting to see the plans come together. Here's a quick peek at one of the recent additions to the house - our wall of windows that looks out our back yard


Given the myriad aches, pain, swellings, rashes, and fevers to which you’re subjected,
do you really know what “good” should feel like anymore? I’m not asking if
you can describe the feeling; I want to know if you remember what it actually feels
like. I bet it’s been so long since you felt 100%, you no longer can imagine that
exact sensation. Passage of time, conditioning, and relativity have recalibrated
the measuring stick you now use to determine how much hurt is enough, and how
truly sick you are. The gauge you use today can only be the pain from yesterday, but
how insufferable was the pain even then? Maybe your complaints are fewer than
they’ve been in the past, but why should functioning with any health complaint
suddenly be acceptable? An objective assessment of your health is no longer possible
because you’ve reduced your expectations to accommodate the changes in
your functionality and appearance. The ailing, broken-down, failing body you see
in the mirror somehow looks more familiar than not. It’s as if “normal” has been
redefined to mean “that which is bearable” and the ache in your hip or the joint
pain in your hands is now customary. Your standards have been compromised.
Now it’s time to reconsider what “normal” should really look and feel like.
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