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Is Lupus (or autoimmune diseases) hereditary?

Posted by 14Doctor

My grandfather died of an autoimmune disease, says my father. Way before I was even born. 

My father claims he died because his immune system attacked itself, and I'd like to know, is this hereditary? (I'm only 14, so I'm not sure if this Multiple Sclerosis or Rheumatoid Arthritis, or even Lupus. I doubt it's Arthritis, since I know for a fact it deteriorates the joints.

I'd also have to verify the C.O.D of my grandfather, to make sure he actually DID die of an autoimmune disease like Lupus. My father isn't a well-educated man, and he MAY, in fact, be mistaken.

Thank you, ladies and gentleman. 

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Well I am not sure they have the answers to that yet dear. I think there may be some belief that there are a few factors in this however they do not have a yes or no answer at this time. I can tell you that I am a young mom 34 and I have a son that is 15. He too carries the ANA antibody however he does NOT have Lupus. Does this make sense? Regarding your grandfather, is there someone else you can ask? a family member that might know?  I would start there if I were you... Take care. :)
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