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Is it HCQ?

Posted Dec 05 2008 7:21am

Hydroxychloroquine or HCQ is an antimalarial drug used also for LUPUS patients. I’ve used HCQ before in terms of PLAQUENIL and I have to stopped its usage since I discovered that it is giving me joint pains. But now ever since my rheuma told me that I am at risk for heart disease because of my prednisone intake I am convinced to try using it again.

Seems like Doc and I have the same thought because on my last check up he told me to take it again. This is also due to my low dosage of pred (5mg MWF). I was optimistic this time that it won’t have any effect to me since I am in remission.

But now, I am having second thought. Since Friday of last week when I started using it I have severe joint pains to the point of having a hard time getting up. My mobility slowed down that I am walking like a robot. So despite my eagerness to switch from prednisone to HCQ I am thinking it might not be possible. To prove my observation that my joint pains right now are cause by HCQ, I stopped taking it starting yesterday. And what have you, this morning all my aches, the swelling and even the wrist pains are gone. I decided not to take it again today and just got 10mg of pred and I was able to clean the house and move without feeling achy all over.

Now, I needed to see my rheuma again and tell him about this discovery. Also I hope I can return the 60 pcs of HCQ to him. lol.

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