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is cytoxan taken in pill form or blood transfusion

Posted by 911mom

My daughter has had lupus for two years and got a call from her doctor saying she need to have a transfusion that would be cytoxan.  From what I've read, I've only seen it in pill form.  What is the difference and what would be the affect if given in a transfusion?
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This is not a blood tranfusion just the medication in IV form - INfusion. She will be ok. I do this now and I am getting better. They are giving her this because of her age, either a child or in child bearing years. It is difficult for a younger person to take this as it can cause infertility however if taken correctly - infusion - with a Lupron shot - her ovaries will be protected. So dont worry. I have a port in my chest that is not visible to anyone. they simple access this with a needle and this is how the medication is given to me. She willl probably only do this for six months and then a mantainence program every three months till they feel she is better. Dont worry, there are minor implications, Just a little sick for a few days, not too bad. I did lose my hair but gradualy. It is coming back now and you never can tell that I did this chemo. Dont worry and if you ever want to talk please contact me. Take care
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