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IgE vs. IgG Food Allergies and Pain Relief

Posted Feb 15 2010 12:00am
IgE allergy reactions occur in the first minutes to hours of ingestion  to food. This can be hives, trouble swallowing and even anaphylactic shock/death, as in a peanut allergy.

IgG allergy reactions occur 1-4 days later, with pain in joints, migraines, so if you are allergic/intolerant to gluten and you have a piece of bread one day and 4 days later you have pizza, and 4 days later you have Wheaties you may have a generally painful joints, when you go on an elimination diet and take this food out you will notice less pain in your may never be able to know that a food/which food/s are causing you pain...

This link provides information on IgE and IgG allergies

It does work that easily, however,  people with Lupus and other autoimmune issues have MANY food allergies/intolerances.

Jill Harrington, the woman that wrote "The Lupus Recovery Diet" realized this in an odd way. She went on a water fast (I don't recommend this approach) . She realized that  on the water fast her Lupus symptoms vanished.  She  then realized it was what she was eating that was causing her pain and she went about finding out what she could include in her diet to stay pain free. She wrote her book to help others figure this out too.

The first thing that I would tell people to do that have Lupus or any other autoimmune disease is to get IgG tested or go on an elimination diet. My favorite is Dr.Cranton's

This diet really takes out all possible offenders. Then  you can add things in one by one to see if anything gives you pain/symptoms.

If you need help with IgG allergies see a holistic doctor, a functional medicine doctor, a tradtional chinese medicine doctor or a naturopath. Most of these doctors will believe that nutrition plays a GREAT part in your health, but if you are not sure if the doctor you choose believes this, just ask them...
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