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If You have Goals, Do you Really Need to Write Them Down?

Posted Oct 01 2011 10:14am


While there are some things in life that might not be possible because of our circumstances, there are many things we could actually make happen if they were firm in our mind. Here is how I've personally benefited from setting goals and writing them down.

1. Accountability. I obligate myself to do something that I probably needed to do anyway. Whether it's losing weight, getting more organized or taking better care of myself, writing my goals down puts me into a frame of mind to work for what I need and deserve.

2. Urgency. I stop procrastinating and actually make a deadline.  All of us can quite easily have a passing thought of something we'd like to accomplish, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.  But when we set it as an actual goal that we are aiming for, and add power to it by writing it down on paper, we are more inclined to set up a deadline and actually do something about it.

3. Self-worth. I feel good about myself when I have something to look forward to; it adds purpose to my life.  There's a part of each of our lives that is like a rat race!!! Why not add something to your life that you want there, that you actually put there because it means something to you?

4. Accomplishment. Things actually get done instead of ignored since I've made a commitment to myself to do it.  Thinking about things don't get them taken care of.  But writing my goals down makes it more likely that I'll accomplish the things that I've been thinking about over and over again.

5. Growth. Since I'm in the habit of setting and reaching goals, I accomplish so much more, more than I would have even considered in the past. My realm of thinking has grown to include things I would have previously thought were out of my reach.

6. Others benefit. When people see me accomplishing things, they actually dare to try something they were hoping to do, but were just too scared to do it.  It actually surprised me at first because I honestly didn't think anyone was paying much attention to what I do.

7. Education. Some of the things I hope to accomplish I actually have to learn how to accomplish. It might be difficult at first, but since I've put my mind to it, I work until I carry it out.

You obviously need a plan of action to carry out what you've decided to do. But making your mind up to reach your goal is a great start. And writing down your goals makes it more likely that you'll actually start!

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