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I'm back...and inked!

Posted Aug 29 2013 10:01pm
I know I didn't post any entries upon my return from England, so here I go!

My return trip was a bit stressful. I got to the airport much later than I would have liked to, my replaced hip set off the metal detectors at security, I went to the washroom, left, then realized about 10 minutes later that I had forgotten my purse in the stall (!!), and I had to runnnnn like mad to get to my gate before it closed. I made it with only 2 minutes to spare.

Luckily for me, I was in club class with air transat so I didn't have to worry about climbing over a bunch of people in order to get to my seat. Even better, the seat beside me was empty, so I was able to relax even more. It was glorious. When I saw down with swear pouring down my face, a very kind flight attendant came and offered me some orange juice which I gladly accepted. :)

There were some other issues as it related to that flight, but I'll discuss that in another post.

Anyhow, in other news, my brother and I got matching tattoos! The tattoos were to commemorate the kidney transplant my brother and I went through.

The right picture is my brother's left shoulder and the right picture is the right side of my torso/side area. I really like it! It has been almost a week and it's at the itchy stage! :( But I'm not scratching-I promise! :)
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