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i just left the drs office and they say i might have discoid lupus...i am scared out of my mind after reading things online. any

Posted by jamielynne1533

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Make sure to get your information from credible sources like: and It can be scary but with knowledge comes power. Better to know what you're expecting and the best way to combat it. Stay Strong!

I have systemic lupus and I was terrified when I was diagnosed, my Gp didn't know too much about lupus and said that I would probably be in a wheelchair and drooling in 5 years. Well I'm still going strong, working like a trojan and looking after my health.  Yes, there are some really horrible days, with all the usual sorejoints, breathing issues, kidney problems etc..  But it is your state of mind that counts!

Arm yourself with good information, don't get invovled with day to day blogging with people who are miserable and ticking off each sympton and looking for sympathy. 

Be yourself and and learn to stay happy and positive!  Life is good and wonderful, count your blessings..   



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