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I have had blood test that are low vit d (20) Positive ana (1:640). I need your advice.

Posted by mrsgarcia123

My Dr (I work for) put me on a vit d supplement and totally disregarded my positive ana. She said a small percentage of people have +ana. My symptoms are still very present. Heart palpitations, muscle weakness (feels like I have been working out) with smallest task. Tired all day, joints in hips and hands hurt (not swollen), at night I am contantly waking up to move b/c I am hurting all over from laying in one position for too long. Please help me. I am only 29 and I have a two year old girl and husband that I can't find the energy to take care of.
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Hi, I was also told I have positive ANA and low Vit D by my regular Dr. She referred me to a Rheumatologist based on all of my other symptoms. I have some of the ones you described and many more. I'm 38 and have two kids and cannot do all the things I used to. I saw a specialist for awhile and he diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia last year. I was not happy with his bedside manner and didn't feel like I was getting anywhere with him. I went a few weeks ago to a different specialist that was highly recommended to me. She was amazing and said based on my rashes and all the other symptoms I shared with her that I have SLE and secondary Raynaud's Phenomenon. She sent me for blood work and xrays on my lower back and knees which cause me the most pain. I see her again on March 7th for results and possible medication recommendations. So my thought would be to get a second opinion. I started complaining of chronic daily headaches and joint pain nearly 6 years ago to my then dr. They said I was depressed and put me on Cymbalta...just blew it off and never did blood work. I don't know if this was helpful. I just signed up for this community because I feel very alone in this journey and hope to gain knowledge and friends. Best wishes.
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