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I have been having recurring swelling in my hands, feet, legs and arms. Could be lymphedema?

Posted by jace

The swelling can last any time between 1-72 hours. As of this moment I have 5 or so swells. I cant always feel or tell were the swelling is, not sure why. I find them mainly on my fingers, toes, heels, and majority of the time on a joint. Making it a little more restricting to move. I will normally ignore them and move as I would, is that a bad idea? Most the time they get really big sometimes almost doubling in mass. They can become red, and itch if i move or touch it. Just tonight i found information on lymphema, so I still don't know if that's what this is. Can anyone please help me?
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Dear Jace,

 From my experience with my daughter's limphedema, most probably it is limphedema.

Better you consult any Vascular surgeon in your area to confirm.

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