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i have antiphospolipid syndrome . been taking cumadin for a year now . how will i know if my APS is healed already. will i take

Posted by mimosa

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I have APS and was told it is very rare for APS to just suddenly resolve itself, partially because it is an autoimmune disorder; if you have an absolute confirmation of 2 blood tests 3 months apart confirming APS. Also depends if you have Primary or Secondary APS ( secondary to Lupus,etc). However, I do firmly believe (as a patient) that the original  presentation of your APS signs and symptoms can be telling to the potential progression or state of the degree to which APS will affect your life. Right now there is no cure, just treatment. So while I know it's rare to suddenly be healed, it might also be probable, but probably better to learn to manage flare ups, etc. 

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even though antibodies may eventually "disappear" from blood work, that doesn't always mean it is gone. APS is a newer recognized and diagnosable autoimmune and gas proven many times to be unstable and unpredictable.  


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