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I drink 2-3 glasses of white wine every night to help me sleep because I have lupus. I also smoke marijuana to help ease the pa

Posted by luannutah

Sometimes the pain is worse than other times and when that happens I smoke a little marijuana. Most times though I just drink some wine each night. Am I destroying my body by doing this? I am 5'2", female, aged 55 and weigh 122 lbs. and aside from my lupus and its complications, consider myself healthy.  Please advise, as I worry I am doing more harm than good, while easing my pain.

Thank you so very much!

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Funny, I am dealing with the same concern.  I am 60 yr old female who is reasonably active and fit but I hurt in the evening, especially my knees, thighs and neck. Noticed that I was drinking several glasses of wine before and during dinner and it bothered me, so I made a personal choice not to drink for 3 months to check things out:  I have a family history of alcoholism which I think I'd be foolish to ignore.  The segment of the population with the greatest increase in "problem" drinking is women over the age of 50.  I am on several meds and worry that a steady influx of alcohol will compromise my body's ability to handle the drugs.  I wonder if I was just "masking" the pain with a BUZZ, often waking up in the middle of the night feeling worse.  I do have pain medication that I can take when it gets truly bad, but I have been able to maintain so far with weekly massage, water water pool classes and in-door walking.

It's been about a month now and I am actually feeling better without the wine.  So that's my story.  Hope it's helpful!



Oops.  Meant to write "WARM water pool."


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